Our early years experiences as student and Muslim in Fukuoka, Japan was quite tough. When dined out, we struggled to find halal or Muslim friendly restaurant here. Indeed, there’re 2-3 halal restaurants serve curry and naan, but hey…come on, we’re in Japan! Should eat sushi, donburi, udon soba, tempura and a lot more. But hold on, are those food halal?

Also, when travel around and far from the mosque, we have no idea where should we pray. Often we combine the prayers when arrived home. But hello…are we going to do that during our long period staying in Japan?

We’ve come to realize the scarcity of public information about local, Japanese or Fukuoka, food that friendly for Muslim. Almost no tip available regarding alternative praying spaces while travel. Another thing is, many Japanese People not familiar with our lifestyle.

That’s how our journey began…together with local Japanese Friends, we hope this blog could be a reliable information source for anyone who needs or interested on:

  • Review of local food/resto in Fukuoka City that friendly for Muslim.
  • Stories of Muslim People and Non-Muslim Japanese People who interested in Islam.
  • Alternative places for praying in Fukuoka City public spaces.
  • Muslim friendly trip plan in Fukuoka City.

Our further intention is bridging the Local Government- Muslim Community- Local Citizen, to create Fukuoka as the friendliest city for Muslim in Southern Japan.

Here’re some supports that we need from all of you to boost the actions in enhancing Muslim friendly environment at Fukuoka City:

  • Establish good relationship with all people and show them the beauty of Islam through our proper behavior as a Muslim.
  • Take pictures when you’re visiting the restaurant based on our review. Either the picture of food, the view or altogether with you, then tag us on Facebook.
  • Share our pages (FB and blog) to the people that concern about our activities.
  • Become our blog contributor by sharing your stories which related to the topics.
  • Fill out the online questionnaire as per below to reveal our high demand on the availability of local food/resto/space that friendly for Muslim


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「福岡 ムスリム ライフスタイル」は福岡に住んでいる在ムスリムの方、そして福岡に旅行に来ているムスリム観光客の方、更にはムスリムに興味がある日本人の方向けに情報を発信するウェブサイトです。




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