A-Must Try Muslim Friendly Eatery in Hakata Port, Fukuoka

Assalamualaikum, dear sisters and brothers…

Konniciwa, dear readers! Ogenki desu ka ?

Have no plan yet for weekend? Let’s go to Hakata Port! There are many nice spots to visit in the surrounding area of port, called Bayside Place Hakata. A vertical aquarium features the tiger shark, sea turtles and small pretty fishes, located in the shopping mall. The fashionable ferries, yachts and even cruise, park along the port. The Bayside museum at the first floor of the tower reveals the history and role of port through interesting displays, models of ships and others. And of course…the tower itself, where we can see the 360 degree beautiful view of Fukuoka city. Considering all of those spots are free access, it’s definitely a worthwhile city tour on weekend!

Tired and hungry after loitering around? No worries…across the tower building there is a grocery store where you can find the best place to eat fresh seafood, namely Hakata Toyo Ichi. They only provide seafood in various menu ranging from donburi, tempura teishoku, nigiri sushi and others. No meat (pork, beef, chicken) available. The vinegar for sushi rice also doesn’t contain sake/alcohol. Therefore, this restaurant is friendly for Muslim.

Hakata Toyo Ichi , A Muslim Friendly eatery located inside of the grocery shop at Bayside Place
Their Menu

I’ve been to Hakata Port for 4 times and always had my lunch in Hakata Toyo Ichi with 4 different menus. Really love the kaisendon set, a bowl of rice topped with thin slices of raw fishes and fish roe. No salty and fishy flavors…excellent, fresh and delicious are three keywords to describe this rice bowl. It comes with a bowl of fish soup which also very tasty. How much does it cost? Only 880 JPY! Inexpensive but makes me full and satisfied.

Tempura teishouku also amazing! Consists of fried shrimp, it’s the largest shrimp tempura that I ever had in Fukuoka. Others are fried fish, eggplant, sweet potato, radish and green leaf. The tempura is crunchy outside and juicy inside. Same price with the previous menu, only 880 JPY, includes a bowl of rice, fish soup and pickles. I recommend this set meal if you can’t eat raw seafood.
While the 3rd rank of my favorite food here is kaki furai (fried oyster) teishoku…well, I won’t explain more and make you drool. Better go there soon and give it a try!

Tempura Teishoku ala Hakata Toyo Ichi

The fresh nigiri sushi , 97 JPY/piece

Sushi and Sashimi for the raw seafood fans

We would like to introduce and spread out the concept of Muslim Friendly or Halal Food to the local restaurant in Fukuoka, Japan. Also, to serve our sisters and brother while their stay in this city, therefore please support us by:

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・Address : 13-6 Chikkōhonmachi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken 812-0021
(Bayside Place HAKATA)



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