A Rare Disease Leaded Her to the Path of God and Embraced Islam

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Sarah San or Sister Sarah that’s how people call her, A Japanese Muslimah who has an amazing convert journey to Islam. Comes from a small city in Chiba Prefecture where neither shrine or temples around. She grew up in non-religious family, not so keen in spiritual practice though at home they have the Buddhist altar.

Unfortunately, the little Sarah had spent most of her time to be hospitalized in almost every month. A rare disease makes her suffered a lot. One evening while in the hospital, 10 year old Sarah happened to be at the same room with 9 year old child, asked “Do you know why we have this illness?” She could not give any answer. Then the kid said “God is exists and God select us because we could endure this trial, that’s why we have this disease.”

Her consciousness about God was started from the conversation with that 9 yo kid. Since she was grew up in non-religious family, Sarah San barely knew about it. She was thinking and wondering “What is God?” and on top of that, the 10 year old Sarah was happy to find that she was chosen by God!

After that memorable evening talk, Sarah San stayed separately from the kid. They did not meet at all, been curious, she asked about the kid before leaving the hospital. Sadly she found the 9 yo kid suffered with leukemia, has passed away. The child’s last words about God left a very deep impression on her heart. It’s an encouragement for Sister Sarah regarding the existence of God who cares for her.

At the age of fifteenth, she was told about the cause of her illness. As it’s a rare disease, all over the world, there’s only one case in Japan and the doctor found another one in America. Although medical team could identify the disease but they don’t know how to treat it. Therefore Sister Sarah can only be hospitalized. Even the doctor said to her parents that she will not have a longer life.

The young Sarah then lived her daily life as the journey preparation toward death. She struggled to find the answers to the question in her mind… “Why am I sick? Why should I stay alive?” “What will happen when I die?” What will happen after death?”… in any books she read, but found nothing.

As her health condition became worst, Sister Sarah could only lie on bed. She started learning English and had her social networking using computer and internet. There was no Facebook at that period but she managed to find pen pals from Greece and Egypt through internet. Even The Egyptian friend came to visit her at home.

She was impressed and asked questions about Islam but The Egyptian friend did not gave her detail answer. That’s made her more curious and learns about Islam by herself. Sarah San visited library and read many books about Islam, also she was very interested on the Arabic script.

Through her further investigation, one day Sister Sarah found the Quran, holy book of Islam. She listened to it, though she didn’t know the meaning but the tears fell down unconsciously when she heard it. Sister Sarah convinced that Quran is not a man-made but God. It brings back her childhood memory when she first recognized the existence of God.

Since then Sarah San wanted to know more about God, everyday she reads book about Islam and Buddhist. She found all of the answer of her questions… “”Why am I sick? Why should I stay alive?” “What will happen when I die? What will happen after death?”… only in Quran! Soon after that, Sister Sarah embraced Islam and declared her Shadah in a Turkish Restaurant in Tokyo. She wished to die as a Muslim therefore she immediately manifests her intention.

Following her husband since 7 years ago, now Sister Sarah resides and works as a therapist in Fukuoka. Together with the medical team she keeps doing research about how to cure her rare disease. She is also being actively introduced about Islam to the Japanese People through various activities. Of course Muslims are also welcomed, perhaps you wanna join her event “Lunch with Sarah San”, you can check on her Facebook directly. Of course it’s a Muslim-Friendly Restaurant because Sister Sarah herself is a Muslim, alhamdulillah ☺.

Her other and nearest activity is Syrian Charity Event. A Documentary movie produced by Japanese Journalist will be on the screen on November 26th. If you’re interested on Syria or wanna meet up with Sister Sarah in person, do come to this event! Click the following link for detail info about the event.
The below is her blog(Japanese written though)

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