Halal & Free Shabu-Shabu Tasting Event for Muslims Student in Fukuoka, Japan

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About 20 Muslims student gathered and enjoyed halal shabu-shabu for free. This event was organized by a group of student from Fukuoka University in collaboration with KUMSA (Kyushu University Muslim Students Association). It was the first batch halal tasting event and held last weekend 12nd November, took place in Hana Restaurant located nearby Kyushu University Hakozaki Campus.

As a representative of Fukuoka University, the main organizer, Okamura San explained that this event aims to find out the foreigners & Muslims preferences. Since in the near future they will establish a restaurant that provides halal shabu-shabu, therefore this event is very important.

The participants from Indonesia, Egypt, Malaysia, India, Afghanistan, and Tanzania are served on four separate tables. A set of shabu-shabu ingredients (halal beef, vegetables, tofu, rice noodles), cooking and eat wares, were placed neatly on each of their table. Two different sauces, ponzu or citrus based soyu sauce and gomadare or sesame sauce, also several condiments such as garlic, leek, radish and pepper powder/oil are provided to enhance the taste of shabu-shabu.

The organizers showed and helped the taster to cook shabu-shabu properly, particularly the meat. Most of them commented that, this was their first experience to eat Japanese halal beef, they usually buy Australian halal frozen meat.

Some of them prefer the fresh taste of ponzu either with garlic or radish as the dipping sauce for meat, while others like the savory flavor of gomadare and meat. Few of them expect the shabu-shabu soup to have bit stronger flavor rather than a mild taste of kombu dashi as prepared by the organizer.

Ponzu sauce friendly for Muslim
Gomadare sauce friendly for Muslim
Shabu shabu soup with kombu dashi

Regarding the food price, they hope it will be in the range of 1,500 JPY – 2,500 JPY. They are excited to know that the organizer plans to start the new restaurant around February 2018, when everything is going well.

Okamura San, his team and our Fukuoka, Muslim& Lifestyle team

All of the participants had a pleasant time and experience that day. They wish Okamura San and his group could establish their halal business restaurant soon. For anyone who is interested to join the second batch of halal shabu-shabu tasting event on next 25th November, click the following link

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