NANIWA” Muslim Friendly Sushi Restaurant serves only local fresh seafood in Fukuoka, Japan

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Naniwa is a hidden gem located nearby Hakata Station. This is a family-owned operation sushi restaurant since 1970. It has a simple and nice ambience that is great for dinner with family or small group of friends. The chef, Obayashi San, welcomes and engages the guest with friendly conversation in English. Foreigners from different countries, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia even from European Countries have visited this small restaurant.

Here, the sushi is delicious! Plentiful of seafood varieties, from abalone, oyster, shrimp, crab, zebrafish to baby fugu. You can tell everything is super fresh. Every day the chef visits nearby fish markets or fishing ports, to ensure the quality of the seafood. Oh…their condiments are homemade, grated wasabi and young ginger pickle, really nice!

Behind the sushi counter, the chef offers a worth watching live performance of his busy activities in preparing costumer orders. He is handling the raw seafood, grilling, chopping, rolling the gunkan maki, shaping and assembling the nigiri sushi and many other activities. Interestingly, he doing all of those activities while talking with guests or his assistants.

For Muslim Visitor, do not worry because they provide non-alcohol shoyu. The sushi rice using free alcohol vinegar and salt without sugar. They also provide an English menu including the introduction of various seafood that served in restaurant. You can order the chef’s plater starting from 3,000 JPY. With this basic price you can enjoy more than 12 different kinds of seafood, either alone or with a friend.

Wanna learn from the professional Japanese Chef on how to make sushi? Come to Naniwa, Chef Obayashi offers sushi workshop with friendly price, from 2,500 JPY/person(Minimum number is 5).
Please contact from the facebook page to book, by 7days before.

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Address: 4-6-21 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Japan. Contact number (+81) 092-473-8448
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