Again…Naniwa, the Pioneer of Muslim Friendly Sushi Restaurant in Fukuoka, Japan, Held Sushi Workshop!

Assalamualaikum dear sisters and brothers…konniciwa minasan,

We are so excited to share about the Sushi Making Experience for Muslims at Naniwa Restaurant on 28th January, 2018. For Naniwa, it wasn’t the first time they held this kind of event. Previously they had Muslim participants from Malaysia and Singapore already.
At this time, the event was attended by Muslims who live in Fukuoka. They are from Yemen, Indonesia and Japan, it was so lively yet fun.

All participants, taisho, Shoko San and our team members

Upon arriving in the restaurant, hot green tea in the large cup welcomed the participants. They were amazed to see and use such a big size of cups.

The large cup

In the first 30 minutes, Obayashi San the taisho (sushi chef) and Shoko San, chef assistant (also his wife) gave a briefly presentation. They talked about the profile of Naniwa Restaurant, explained the origin.
They explained their Muslim Friendly Sushi has Not only free alcohol and meat ingredients but Naniwa also emphasizes in three points: using seafood only from Fukuoka, buy it directly from the fishermen and free MSG!

They also explained the history of sushi and even shared some interesting facts related to sushi in the past.

The presentation session

From this presentation, participants can reveal why did the sushi yatai/stall serve green tea in such a large cup? Why did customers prefer to eat at sushi yatai/stalls that have dirty curtains rather than clean ones? Curious to know the answer? Join the next sushi making experience in Naniwa Restaurant.

During the workshop session, participants were divided in two groups. The first group for participants who can eat raw seafood. While the second, for those who cannot eat raw seafood. The taisho taught the participants one by one about how to make nigiri sushi using 5 different toppings. The other five pieces of sushi is maki sushi/sushi roll, prepared by taisho.

Finally, they were enjoying the handmade authentic Muslim friendly sushi and delicious miso soup, with enthusiasm.

sushi made by one of participants

While eating, the taiso entertained them with fish cutting demonstration. They also asked him many questions and confirmed some information they found about sushi.

Alhamdulillah…it seemed this event has broadened participant’s knowledge and skill regarding authentic sushi. Interested? With a minimum 5 participants (1,200 Yen/people) we can arrange this event for you…please contact us in advance.

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NANIWA” Muslim Friendly Sushi Restaurant serves only local fresh seafood in Fukuoka, Japan

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