Prayer space for Muslims opens in Kyushu Sangyo University, Fukuoka, Japan

Assalamualaikum, dear sisters and brothers…Konniciwa, dear readers! Ogenki desu ka ?
Here’s our second article in the segment of “Prayer Space”, we hope you find it useful!

A Muslim prayer space is now part of Kyushu Sangyo University. It’s located inside of ‘Global Plaza’, a building where Japanese and international students can have cultural exchange, deepen their understanding of each other.

Kyushu Sangyo University main entrance

Global Plaza

They named it ‘Prayer Corner for Muslims’ イスラム教信者等のための礼拝コーナー. Behind the wall separator, they provide qibla direction and green carpet. While the sajadah (prayer mats) brought by one of the Muslim students. There is no wudhu/ablution space, but people can use the nearest toilet. This service available every day from 09:00 am ~17:00pm, except there’s an event and holidays.

Prayer Corner for Muslims


As one of the five pillars in Islam, praying is integral to the religious practices of Muslim students. We really appreciate when universities can provide a convenient and accessible prayer room or space for us to practice our religious services.
Hopefully in the future, there’d be a lot more universities provide prayer space/room for students worshipping.

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