We should show our needs for Japanese food!! The real situation from Fukuoka Chamber of commerce

Assalamualaikum dear sisters and brothers…konniciwa minasan,

We joined Muslim Friendly Seminar in Fukuoka Chamber of commerce.
As you can see in the picture, Mr.Nakamura, Mr.Kojo, Mr.Saegusa are teachers in it.

This sweet, cookie is made in Japan, totally halal food which Mr. Nakamura introduced in the seminar.

More than 15 Japanese business persons joined it, were very serious to their opinion(What Muslim Friendly is).

After their lectures, they have small discussion with Japanese participants, the participants asked some questions to them, and talked a lot.

From our point of view in the seminar,

We should show our opinion to Japanese more and more!!!
They really do not know about Muslims, who we are!

Japanese participants are not really familiar with Muslim, they have got the knowledge of Muslim from some newspaper and some suspicious Consultants.
They just think, anyway they have to get license from Issuing organization of Halal, and a lot of Muslims buy their products.
They do not concentrate on Muslim consumers, they try to listen to only [professional Muslim Consultants]

In the seminar, Mr.Nakamura, Mr.Kojo, Mr.Saegusa tried to tell the participants, that
They do not have to get the license, instead of that, they have to try to hear Muslim`s voice more and more.

Fukuoka Muslim & Lifestyle will ask the companies to join our event in order to hear from real Muslim`s voice.
We are happy if you guys help us, for making Fukuoka and Japan more Muslim Friendly place!

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