Sushi Yasukoichi” An Outstanding and Muslim Friendly Sushi Restaurant in Kashi, Fukuoka


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[Restaurant of Muslim Friendly Sushi]

The restaurant’s name derived from the owners’, Kiyoto Yasukoichi San. Right after he graduated from senior high school, Yasukoichi San started his apprenticeship in Nagoya. He spent 10 years there and learnt Japanese culinary from some professional chefs.

Gained enough experience, Yasukoichi San went back to Fukuoka and built his own restaurant. He committed to serving food using most fresh and delicious seafood of the best fishermen in Fukuoka.

Yasukoichi Restaurant offers good value for money, you get tasty food with a very affordable price. For those who watch their budget, this place is a must visit. The price of lunch course from 2,000 JPY/set/person, while for dinner course start from 6,000 JPY/set/person. Though it is 2 or 3 times expensive than kaiten sushi, but we recommend you to give a try. The taste is unbelievable delicious, has a rich and fresh flavor.

Located next to Kashii Station and takes only 3-5 minutes on foot, this small restaurant has a nice atmosphere which makes the guest feel relaxed and enjoy their meal. For Muslims guests, the restaurant will prepare Muslim friendly food when you make reservation in advance. Please make sure to call them beforehand! Although they don’t sell any pork here, but they still need to adjust some alcohol based ingredients, such as soyu and rice vinegar, for Muslim visitors.


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