Extraordinary & Muslim Friendly Tempura Restaurant in Fukuoka, Japan

Alhamdulillah we had a wonderful dinner in a tempura restaurant located only five minutes’ walk from Akasaka Subway Station. They have lots of tempura options in regards to fresh seafood and vegetables. Our first time to eat tomato, baby corn, ginkgo biloba, cucumber, okra, fishcake and cheese tempura, oishikattaaa yo!!

The restaurant offers a unique and extraordinary way in serving the tempura. They only provide the raw ingredients and flour dough for coating. Each of the table equipped with a stove, a kettle as the frying pot and costumer will fry their own tempura!

Why it’s Muslim Friendly? Because we can order tempura ingredients without meat and they use new frying oil for new visitor who come.

Oh…we suggest to bring your own shoyu or any favorite sauces that you like to eat with tempura. Also, it is better make reservation in advance to let them know our needs as Muslim.

They start serving from 17.30pm-23.00pm, perhaps you want to pray Maghrib or Isha, quite spacious there.


We would like to introduce and spread out the concept of Muslim Friendly or Halal Food to the local people in Fukuoka, Japan. Also, to serve our sisters and brother while their stay in this city, therefore please support us by:

1.Take pictures while you’re in the restaurant (either the picture of food, the view or altogether with you) then tag us on Facebook.

2.Share our pages (FB and blog) to the people that concern about our activities.

Restaurant address :
2丁目8-23 Maizuru Chuo-ku Fukuoka Fukuoka


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