Gorgeous Sakura/Cherry Blossom Spot and Muslim Friendly “Kudzu”, Japanese Super Food in Akizuki, Fukuoka

Assalamualaikum sister and brother,

Early of April 2019, we visited Akisuki, two hours by train and bus from Fukuoka. It’s quite far but worth a visit, especially during spring for a gorgeous wonderful sakura/cherry blossom view.

The transportation fee about 4,000 JPY for return trip, you may take look on our route that day:
– Start point at Nishitetsu Tenjin Station by Express Train to Ogori Station
– From Ogori Station transfer to local train for Amagi Station.
– In Amagi Station, take local bus to Akizuki Bus Stop (but we stopped by at Megane Bashi but stop to visit the local sweets restaurant)

Tagged along with Yamagi San, local Japanese who actively support international students in Fukuoka. He introduced the hidden beauty and famous dishes of Akizuki which barely known by foreign visitors. We walked through the pretty local housing and stopped by at the 250 years old sweet shop famous among local visitors, namely Hirokyu Kuzu Hompo.

The main ingredient of all dishes in that shop is kudzu…do you know what is it? It is one of Japanese super foods, starch that is extracted from the roots of the kuzu plant. The Kuzu plant (Pueraia lobata) belongs to the pea family and is native to both Japan and China.

Kuzu has many benefits, such as alleviate cold and fever symptoms; contribute to prevention of cancer (exhibit anti-tumor activity in breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer ); reduce inflammatory conditions and many others.

We ate Kuzu Soumen (hot noodle) as the main dish and had Kuzu Mochi also Kuzu Kiri as our desserts. All of them are delicious, healthy and of course Muslim Friendly!

Kuzu Soumen

Kuzu Mochi

Kuzu Kiri

Kuzu Kiri

The entrance of Hirokyu Kuzu Hompo, 250 years sweets shop

Inside of the shop

you can try these Japanese warrior helmets for free

Miniatur of Japanese garden inside of the shop

Finished all the dishes, we move forward to our main destination, the sakura spot! It’s located along the street of Sugino Baba. In the past, Japanese Samurai were living here. They used to practice horse riding on this street.
Temporary stalls/yatai and shops which selling various things are lined up.

There’s a kimono rental shop, if you’re interested to strolling around in kimono then you should try it. Recommended seasons to wear kimono during sakura/cherry blossom in spring and momiji/maple leaves in fall season.

Or why not give try on throwing “Suriken” the weapon of Japanese Ninja. There’s one shop provide this experience.

Enjoy the pictures that we took in Sugino Baba



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