The 1st Grand Ifthar at Fukuoka Masjid, how it looks like?

Assalamualaikum Sister and Brother…

Minasan konbanwaaa

We went to the Grand Ifthar at Masjid today. Compare to the weekdays, ifthar during weekend always livelier. The number of people coming to mosque is significantly increase.

This weekend, Arabs community incharge to provide the food. We had chicken biryani, chapati/bread and chicken curry for our the dinner. While as the starter, we enjoyed dates, fruits and snacks made by sisters from various countries.

Ramadhan 1440 H, Fukuoka Masjid, Sunday, May 12nd, 2019.

@ 3rd floor of Fukuoka Masjid, all sisters and kids were flocked here.

We met and had a brief chat with a Vietnamese Girl. She is a student in Japanese Language School. She told us that currently she is learning about Islam, she practice fasting since the first day of Ramadhan. Her deceased grandparents was practicing Islam in their daily life. Although her parents didn’t practicing Islam but this girl keen to be Muslim as her grandparents did. May Allah give her ease, aamin inshaAllah.

We love each other for the sake of Allah SWT, we call it sisterhood in Islam. Bangladeshi Sister feed Vietnamese Sister.

The following link is a video to sum up today’s grand ifthar

Will keep you update for the next grand ifthar, inshaAllah. Have a blessed Ramadhan all.



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