Ifthar Highlight: Delight Dishes by Uzbekistan Community at Fukuoka Masjid, Japan

Assalamua’alaikum Sister and Brother,


Monday night, on the 8th day of Ramadhan, we are spoiled by Uzbekistan’s super delicious dishes.

Anyway, do you know where Uzbekistan is? It’s located in Central Asia and shares borders with five countries:
Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. Muslim is the major population in this country.

While in Fukuoka, the number of Uzbekistan Muslim is very small, not more than 10 people. To provide ifthar food in the mosque, 2 Uzbekistan Sisters and 1 Japanese sister (who married Uzbek man) hand in hand cooked for 150 people, MashaAllah…may Allah SWT accept their good deeds.

Samsa, the meat pastry and Chakca (sweets)
Pasta veggie olive salad, fresh and yumm
Baklave, dates and fruits

Undoubtedly, Uzbek food imbibed some culinary traditions from those neighbor countries. It is one of the most savoury and various in tastes cuisine in Central Asia. Three sisters made a super tasty samsa (puff pastry filling with meat), vegetables olive salad, chakca and baklava (sweets).

This is one of the benefits attending ifthar at the mosque. We got a chance to learn various culture from different countries. So, why not stop by at Fukuoka Mosque during Ramadhan? We start preparing the food at 18.30 pm and start eating around 19.00pm.

Have a blessed Ramadhan



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