Ifthar Highlight: Enjoyed The Turkish Kebab with American Reverted Sister at Fukuoka Masjid, Japan

Assalamua’alaikum Sister and Brother

Minasan konniciwaaaaa

Ramadhan Day 11th, a white van belongs to Kebab Restaurant parked behind Fukuoka Masjid. They came to prepare ifthar for Muslims who visit mosque. Three of employees looked busy but still willing to cooperate to answers our question. The restauran’s namely “Mana Kebab” established since 2012 and it’s located in the area of Nanakuma Line.

Kebab exists since the moment fire was found, it means meat cooked drily directly on fire or within a pot according to the Turkish Language Association. Meanwhile, according to the some of the sources, kebab is a general definition for the Arabic-origin meat dishes. Well…it has long history and varied definition, but on top of it kebab never let us disappointed, it’s always delicious!

source Fukuoka Masjid
source Fukuoka Masjid

In that evening, there’re two Japanese girls joined the ifthar at masjid. Invited by a friend in their campus, A Bangladeshi Brother, those Japanese looked enthusiast talked with Muslim Sisters and played with Muslim kids. They ate the kebab excitedly together with other sisters.

source Fukuoka Masjid
Japanese girls attending ifthar

Additionally, we’re pleased to met, knew, talked and ate together with an American-Japanese Sister who reverted last year. She briefly shared her reverted background.

It was started when she was 13 years old, in last grade of junior high in Seattle, America. She loves soccer so much even she joined a girl soccer club there. From this sport, she happened to see and finally like some famous soccer players from Muslim countries or belief.

She then developed a strong interest over Islam and Muslim. In Seattle, she only had one Muslim friend but she couldn’t learn anything from that friend. She literally learns about Islam from media, internet, tv and books, independently. Her Non-Muslim parents were just OK when she told them that she likes Islam. And two years ago, she moved to Japan with her mom then took her sahadah in Fukuoka last year, SubhanAllah.

It isn’t easy especially during Ramadhan this year. She has an exam in senior school now but she manages come to masjid almost every night and stay late for Taraweh Prayer, MashaAllah. She learns how to pray from watching tutorial in youtube, she memorizing Qur’an by listening it from internet, she recites Qur’an in English Translation and willing to learn how to read the Arabic version of Qur’an.

MashaAllah…MashaAllah, may Allah help her and help all of Muslims to increase our iman and taqwa. Let’s make du’a while we are in the holy month, Ramadhan.

Have a blessed Ramadhan!


following link is the video on that day ifthar


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