Name : Dini
Indonesian, born in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

PhD from Kyushu University (graduated on March 2016)
Researcher at Kyushu University, Japan (April 2016-March 2017)
Researcher at NPO in Fukuoka, Japan (March 2017 – present)

About her:
A foodie and dining out enthusiast that felt in love with Japanese Culture. Weekend is a treasure for her to wandering around, at the alley, shopping arcade to the busy main road of Fukuoka. Enjoying random conversation with local people that she meets. Visiting the okashi-ya san (confectionary shop), okazu-ya san (side dishes shop) to the teishouku-ya san (main dishes, set menu resto). She always interested and excited to discover local food/resto that friendly for Muslim. Dini believes that food not only about ingredients, there’s always a story behind and that stories connect people around the world.


Name : Yuta
Japanese, born in Fukuoka, Japan.

Graduated from Kyushu University
Employee in a company

About him:
Loves travelling, food enthusiast and enjoy cooking on his spare time. He is new revert and recently got married with Indonesian girl. As a Japanese Muslim, Yuta wants to introduce the attractive sides of his hometown Fukuoka, that particularly friendly for Muslim foreigners such as local food, festival and tourism objects.


Name : Toru
Japanese, born in Kumamoto, Kyushu.

Graduated Kyushu Univ.
Worked in Mitsubishi heavy industory, Recruit.
Managing sightseeing business for foreigners in Minami-Aso as Self-Employeed.

About him:
Toru`s hobby is traveling in all over the world and eat various kinds of food as adventure.
I love making a community, in that race and country, religion is no matter, all member is equal and enjoy communication.
I really want to make such a community in Kumamoto, and other Kyushu area. So I join the team and make Fukuoka city comfortable for foreigners.


Name: Okasha
Egyptian, Born in Cairo, Egypt.

Master degree student at Kyushu University.
2 years’ experience as Quality Engineer.

About him:
Adventurer Like to communicate with different people regardless culture, religion, color or race. Very patient and willing to exchange conversation about languages, history, culture, and life experiences from different viewpoints. Interesting to try new things and stuff. Impressed about Japanese culture, anime and PlayStation games.


Name: Tomohisa
Japanese, born in Tokyo, raised in Hyogo, Japan.

Bachelor degree student at Kyushu University (April 2017 – present)

About him:
My hobbies are traveling and eating delicious local food. I am also interested in international issues about economics, religion, and so on.
In addition to these hobbies, I like talking with others. I want to talk with people in the world during student life.
I hope that everyone can live and stay comfortably in Fukuoka.